Landscape parks

Within the area of the Forest District, there was established the Gryżyna Landscape Park. GPK is located in the Lubuskie Province, within the area of four communes, such as: Bytnica, Krosno Odrzańskie, Skąpe, Czerwieńsk. Its area covers 2755 hectares. Within GPK, there are two villages: Gryżyna i Grabin. The seat (office) of the Park is located in the Zielona Góra city.

Areas of protected landscapes

Areas of protected landscape cover lands of varied ecosystems due to outstanding views and being ecological tunnels and satisfying needs of tourism and recreation.

Natural monuments

On the area of Bytnica one can find:

Ecological sites

Currently over 9 thousand ecological lands of 30.000 hectares.

Species protection

Fauna and flora species protection