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Within territorial reach of Bytnica Forest District the following Nature 2000 areas have been mapped out:


Bird area:

- "The Valley of Middle-Odra River" - There are at least 18 species of birds that are included in the First Attachment of Bird Directive, 2 species from "Polish Red Book" (PCK). In the breeding season the area is inhabited by at least 1% of national population of the following birds: black kite (PCK), red kite (PCK), honey buzzard, grasshopper warbler and penduline tit.  Landrail and garganey exist considerably densely. Tutal area equals 33 677 ha.


Habitat areas:

- "The Valley of Pliszka River" is an area of valuable natural habitats, reach flora and fauna (including rare in Poland: stag beetle).

- "Oak avenues in Gryżyno and Zawisze" gather a few hundred of specimens that are typical features of Gryżyno Landscape Park.

- Trough of the River Gryżyna is a fundament of the The Gryżyno Landscape Park

- "The Dobrosułowskie Forests" are a representative fragment of The Lubuskie Forest (also called "Rzepińska").

- Bytnica is a special area of habitat protection (Habitat Directive). The attic of the church in Bytnica is the place of habitat of one of the most important breeding colony refugium of myotis myotis.

- "Stara Dąbrowa in Koryta" covers part of the forest in a southern part of the Lubuskie Forest.

- "The Krosno Valley of Odra River" - the area is important to preserving settlements and species connected with the valley of great river: 8 kinds of settlements from the attachment from the First Settlement Directive and meadow complexes in particular (basic location of Cnidion dubii) as well as riparian forests and 18 fauna species from the attachment from the Second Directive. One of rare posts of Maculinea telejus on the Lubuskie land. Strong populations of stag beetle and great capricorn beetle as well as hermit beetle inhabit the valley. The area is an important green corridor.


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