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Lasy nadleśnictwa

Lasy nadleśnictwa

The Forest District Bytnica – forests, one wants to get lost...

About 50 km away from Zielona Góra, in the northern west, in the same heart of Puszcza Rzepińska (Rzepin Primeval Forest), there are areas, where mainly nature takes care of them. There is no cities or industry, and inhabitants of several villages and hamlets lost in the forest wake altogether church bells and cranes piercing. However, there are forests, where we can meet the mosaic of widespread  fields, mid-forest meadows and lakes. The forests, where rules pine, but there occur also real natural pearls. These are the forests, where we can hear melancholic singing of woodlark in spring, sharp roars of stags in autumn and sharp calls of wolfs in winter. In these forests, one can see majestically circling round white – tailed eagle, and sometimes elegant profile of kite. This is the way local forests look like, the ones that widespread continuously and dominate  in the area making the Forest District Bytnica the most wooded forest district in Poland.

The overwhelming part of the Forest District is covered with extensive pine forests located on sandy outwash plain, forming typical monocultures, currently rebuilt with proper care and effort by local foresters. At the same time, these are areas, where forests generously abound in their forest gifts: blackberries and mushrooms. Amazing stories about local crops of mushrooms and baskets of penny buns (Boletus edulis) awaken interest of many mushroom picking lovers. Rich in fish neighbouring lakes, ponds and rivers (also of mountainous character) let them find quiet place to fish, and rich fisheries are ideal place to do hunting.

In the Forest District Bytnica there are really a lot of hunting game. Particularly precious is the area of Łąki Dobrosułowskie (Dobrosułowskie Meadows), constituting not only food base, but also historical lair of stags and deer. In autumn, there takes place real mystery of nature – spectacular rut, that is said to be the most beautiful in this part of Europe. However enormous number of game, makes  the foresters to carrying out nonstandard  and modern actions,  due to reconcile forestry, hunting and nature preservation. It is just here, where "Sobański Method" was propagated. It is common to fence cultivations with nets, to leave wide ecological corridors of old trees on felling sites or cultivate hunting plots. Assuming that, all the mentioned things used in forestry naturally harmonize with hunting rules, at the same time fulfil all nature preservation regulations and conditions in order to contribute to its (forestry) increase.

„Gryżyńskie Uroczyska (Gryżyńskie Wilderness)" is a unique area, which because of its nature richness, unprecedented diversified relief and unusual aesthetic impressions, they were taken under protection as Gryżyna Landscape Park. The Forest District make this area accessible, at the same time creating very interesting educational trail leading through deep ravines and post-glacial moraine hills opening over precipice for amazing views of picturesque landscapes. Old trees, various habitats, the presence of dikes and beaver lodges made by hardworking beavers – all of mentioned form this corner a character of primeval forest.

Biodiversity of the Forest District Bytnica was appreciated by naturalist, namely they established here 8 areas of Natura 2000, mainly protecting rare natural habitats, but also refugium of wolf, lucanus cervus, greater mouse – eared bat. Not long ago, settled down wolf is a kind of determinant of nature quality of these areas, as it prefers places well wooded, uninhabited, with a large amount of animals.

To get acquainted with the area is possible thanks to hiking / walking trails, cycling and horse riding paths and canoeing routes. Currently the Forest District makes efforts to increase the tourist attractiveness: there is planned extension of trails, creating new ones ( Nordic Walking, skiing), rebuilding of educational trail and development of "Łąki Dobrosułowskie (Dobrosułowskie Meadows)". This precious area will be unavailable, taken under protection, but at the same time in separated, the most interested place, there will be a vantage point platform, allowing to explore all the nature beauty attitudes by lovers of nature photography and fans of nature observation.

Tourist base in the area is rather poor, but is located in charming, having unique character lost in the forest villages: Gryżyna and Kosobudz. There one can find recreation centres, swimming in the lake with turquoise water and a campsite. This region   offers also many interesting and intriguing local events: Pierog's Holiday (Święto Pieroga) in Budachów, Potato Holiday (Święto Ziemniaka) w Dobrosłowiu and Hunting Culture Fest (Festiwal Kultury Łowieckiej) in Bytnica. Especially the last one   in the greatest extend conveys peculiar character of the region showing multifarious connections of the inhabitants with hunting and forestry, drawing people's attention to hunting tradition and culture.

The Foresters from the Forest District Bytnica very responsibly and professionally manage the forests. Such proper care of forests found its effect in the evaluation of external institutions,  which honoured the Forest District by awarding it the title of „Lider Polskiej Ekologii (Polish Ecology Leader) ", „Panteon Polskiej Ekologii (Polish Ecology  Pantheon)", „Hit Ziemi Lubuskiej (Hit of Lubusz Land)". To bring it close and help to know nature, they commit themselves to educational activities. These are different types of contests and trips, such as forest games during which , there is preferred active partaking of participants, and the main rule is "look, live, love". The Forest District Bytnica cordially invites all interested, at the same time believing that every visitor will take care of the foresters' work and  the forest natural resources. It opens the door wide open for people having a strong belief, that everyone who tries unforgettable experiences getting lost on paths of Bytnica forests, they can find something that remain the most precious for ever...