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Within the area of the Forest District there is 88,57 hectares of forests, which are not the property of the State Treasury. The area of the forests is located in the area of two districts, namely: Świebodzin and Krosno Districts.

The Forest District Bytnica is the entity dealing with cases connected with supervision over these forests. Thanks to help of the foresters in this process, private forests are well developed in the way not deviating from the high standards valid in the State Forests.

The duties of the Forest District Bytnica in relation to the private forests are the following:

●      supervision over forests in the area of maintaining the rules of  the forestry management by the forests' owners,

●      managing  and  controlling the nursing and protective treatments in the forests threatened with pets occurrence,

●      specifying trees to the felling,

●      executing administrative proceedings,

●      supervising the owners' duties performance.


Contact to the person responsible for private forests businesses: Rafał Kinas