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Within the area of the Forest District Bytnica there is marked out educational trail „Gryżyńskie Uroczyska (Gryżyńskie Wilderness)".

The trail is precisely 8502 meters long. However it isn't closed loop, but a few routes connected one with each other, crossing in several places and covering one another in a great extend. The route were thoroughly thought over, so that everyone could find a route appropriate with the subject matter, length, time of covered distance and difficulty of the trail.

So far existing educational trail is characterised with very valuable features, regarding nature richness, unparalleled diversified relief and unique landscape impressions, and the location close to small, but attractive holiday village located in the depth of widespread forest complexes. These special features make the trail more valuable in the whole region, and even  - because of the closeness of the border – in supraregional aspect, as well.


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