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Awards and honourable mentions

Polish Ecology Leader 2011 is a competition organised by the Ministry of Environment, promoting positive models and methods of achieving business success through activities supporting the environment.

The winners of the 13th round of the Polish Ecology Leader competition included Bytnica Forestry Authority, which won its title in the Product category (Technology subcategory) forEnriching the biodiversity of Bytnica Forest Authority by the application of Sobański Method (in 2009, the Forest Authority received an honourable mention for the same achievement in the same competition).

The award has been presented since 1996 and has become an important element in the promotion of Polish businesses, products, and units of territorial self-government. Competing for the award during this year's round were 35 communes, unions of communes, and counties, 42 businesses, and 3 NGOs.     

Lubuski Hit is an award competition in which candidates are submitted by territorial and business self-governments, and the jury consists of businesses, institutions, representatives of regional and county authorities, representatives of associations, and experts.

Bytnica Forest Authority was presented a statue in LUBUSKI HIT competition for enriching biodiversity with the application of Sobański Method.


Pantheon of Polish Ecology is a competition for businesses and self-government units whose activity (investments and education)  in support of ecology contributes to the improvement of natural environment quality in individual regions.



Bytnica Forest Authority won an honourable mention in Project category in 2010.