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"Sobański Method (Metoda Sobańskiego)" has got its roots in the Forest District Ośno Lubuskie. Works concerning the method started by the then District Forest Manger Stanisław Sobański in the above mentioned Forest District, even though the official name of the method occurred in 2004 . In the Forest District Bytnica, we have been using this method since 2003.

It allows to create the forest stands consisting of many tree species. They are much  more resistant to appearing more and more often  nature anomalies. The Forest District Bytnica applies "Sobański Method" on a very large scale, renewing with the help of the method  about 100 hectares of areas annually. Our efforts were appreciated, the Forest District was awarded many times among other with such prizes like  „Lider Polskiej Ekologii (Polish Ecology Leader) ", „Panteon Polskiej Ekologii (Polish Ecology  Pantheon)", „Hit Ziemi Lubuskiej (Hit of Lubusz Land)".