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The Forest District Bytnica within its current borders was established on January 1st, 1996 on the basis of the Order No.268 of the Minister for the Environment . It covers the area of the former Forest Districts Grabina, Gryżyna and Złoty Potok. It was mainly created from the grounds belonging to the state forests and to a few private forests. There are still many remains after forestry from the past, namely beautiful allies with monumental English oaks.

At the very beginning the headquarter of the Forest District was in Osiecznica. However, since September 1st,  1998 the Forest District seat has been  located in the new administrative building in  Bytnica village . 

Current Forest Districts consists of two sub-districts: Grabina and Gryżyna, which were included into the Forest District  Krosno until 1996. In the Forest District Bytnica, there are 11 sub-districts: Grabina, Bytnica, Struga, Osiedle, Radnica, Morsko, Kosobudz, Kosobudki, Gryżyna, Smolarnia, Augustynka, Garbowo and Błonie.